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May 26 2008

Wife is a little angry that a woman friend called last night and asked me to go out for drinks... Darn - she took my phone again. Don't know which lady is more of a headache... wife or my friend.

February 29 2008

How many of the folks are headed to BIL this weekend? Should be fun.

January 23 2008

Welcome new Powncers. Thanks to Pownce for the added functionality of this site. No need to trim words, functions for picture, links, files, directed messaging, all much more fun. Way!

January 17 2008

Thanks for the Great Party Pownce! Best luck ahead Kevin, Leah, and team.

Just posted to Twitter after offering invites.
I hear some issues with Pownce - Invites needed to join, attached file sizes, less a community stream of consciousness. all resolvable easy.

Pownce suggestion - open to all (soon), large file size warning, larger community. There are many advantages to Pownce.
great party-----

December 01 2007

Saw the 2nd Bike Death recently in the SJ Mercury. Post: ALWAY EXPECT THE DRIVERS ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU! This is the only way to stay alive while riding. Expect any driveway, corner, passing of another car, car/truck/bike approaching to be your last vision. Have an escape and plan to need it NOW!
Sorry to hear of these needless fatalities.

November 24 2007

It is all good - each has it's use. Pownce is great for real conversations, photo's and themes. Jaiku appears the same with more Europian participation. Twitter is a loud roar of stream of consciousness from the masses. Just my 2cents (1 cent with inflaction)
Twitter is back. FYI - However this is more fun!
Hi Shashi -
Great Idea Connie - I like your Blog - Your a natural networking mentor/coach. Best Luck with ACDSee - Interesting angle to this social media/networking.
Ham was the first Social Networking Realtime communication.
hello mklopez and clay, and Connie. Feel free to add me on pownce and Jaiku. - Connie - I recommend putting your FCC Ham radio license on your iTouch. Don't have one? Then now is perfect time to pass the technician test. Find info here: http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/license-requirements.html
As they say - Some vices are more virtuous!
Hi Phillip. I like using the basic input for all the messaging sites. The desktop clients add too much mid-layer and delay seeing msgs. Feel free to be-friend me Becky! This is a good chance to see the alternates to twtr. Thanks Leia and Kevin!
Anyone having Twitter withdrawls? Let's form a support group here on Pownce!

October 31 2007

You had to eat all the Halloween candy !!! What are we going to give the kids? ?Your going to go into costco and buy more!
She screams

October 29 2007

Twitter appeared to have a buffer overflow. How can we trust it to control spaceships based on Twitter Control?

October 28 2007

Powncers must be outside enjoying the day! Not much messaging today.
test - hellotext test

October 27 2007

Great being here at CodeCamp 2007 at Foothill College - Los Altos.

October 09 2007

Wife Says that she wants RoseWater Ice Cream
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